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Like everyone else in the world, I worship the sex goddess that is Heather Morris (and if anyone denies then they are sitting on a throne of lies!). My blog will be dedicated to the many talents of one Heather Elizabeth Morris and perhaps some other stuff thrown in there for good measure... come say hi, I don't bite but Hemo might ;). Also, angels.


I want Heather Morris/Brittany back on glee :( i know she is a mom now, but is the last season i want a perfect ending for my brittana girls, they deserve it!

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What do you think Brittana vows would be like?



I had to think about this one… I’ll start with Santana’s vows and I may do Brittany’s later :)… Here goes:

"Wow this is really happening…

I feel like I’ve been writing these since the moment I first met you all those years ago on the monkey bars at Lima Elementary, so I don’t really know which parts to pick…

Let me start off by saying sorry… Sorry for just how long it took for me to get here. Sorry for not knowing what love was when it was right in front of my eyes. Sorry for doubting us and our bond when I broke up with you in that very choir room… Truth is, I was scared… Scared that you were gonna figure out that maybe I wasn’t worth being a part of your life or worthy of your love… I got scared and I gave you an out just so I wouldn’t have to watch you leave… I wouldn’t be able to stand that. So I chickened out and I am so sorry for that.

You taught me what it felt like to be loved and to love in return and I can never thank you enough for that. I see the entire world a different way because of you, my love. You were the only person who never took me at face value and, like all other aspects of your life, saw the good in me…

I still count how many times you smile at me and my heart soars when I realise I get to keep counting until numbers don’t make sense anymore….

You are so very loved, baby… There is not a verb, adjective or noun in the world that could describe the love I have for you. I don’t want you to ever doubt again how much I love you. Loving you is as easy as breathing and I can’t believe I spent so long not knowing what this was like.

Your smile starts my day and your soft whispers in my ear ends it… And I don’t want that ever to go away. You are literally what makes my earth turn Brittany and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me… A daunting task.

So before I ramble on any longer, let me just say this…

I do take you, the good and the bad and whatever else may come… You saved me… Loving you is what saved me. Some people have their faith, others have their family and friends… But me? I have my love for you and the comfort that it shall not waver nor diminish for the eternity that I now know I have the pleasure and privilege of sharing with you…

So… I take you, Brittany Susan Pierce, to be my everything… For the rest of my life. Proudly so.”

Thanks anon!

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JFC that thumb rubbing Santana’s wrist says so many things…

A simple gesture that says: “It’s ok… go. Follow your dreams and just know that someday, when the time is right, I will be right there next to you and your dreams will become our dreams.” 

A simple brush of a thumb that says: “I need you to go and be happy if I have any hope of being happy.” 

While all the time saying “This time it’s ok to leave me behind…”

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More than women - Brittana <3

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Someone needs to attach the audio of the song with this gifset

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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She looks so much like naya here

Ooooh…2 of my fav in one pic <3

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on a scale of one to glee how bad is that decision

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Brittany S. Pierce and her famous pout. x

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Brittany S. Pierce in 5x20. x

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