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Like everyone else in the world, I worship the sex goddess that is Heather Morris (and if anyone denies then they are sitting on a throne of lies!). My blog will be dedicated to the many talents of one Heather Elizabeth Morris and perhaps some other stuff thrown in there for good measure... come say hi, I don't bite but Hemo might ;). Also, angels.


“just let it go”

#What Sam doesn’t realize when he tells Santana to just let go of Brittany is that Santana tried that before and it didn’t work #Santana’s been in love with Brittany for a long long time—at least since she was fifteen #and probably since even before then too—and has likely had a crush on Brittany since even before she fell in love with her #And the thing is—for the longest time or years even—Santana didn’t want to have a crush on Brittany or to love her #She was scared to death to have feelings not just for another girl but for her best friend especially #so she tried to fight them or to drive them out by any means she could think of—by sleeping with random boys and by strictly enforcing #rules about hers and Brittany’s friendship and what they could and couldn’t do together #When none of that worked she resigned herself to keeping her feelings for Brittany locked up inside and secret#never telling them to anyone including Brittany #So for years she made herself and Brittany miserable—and all because she couldn’t bear to love Brittany but she couldn’t#keep herself from loving Brittany either #So what Sam doesn’t realize when he tells Santana to ‘just let go’ of Brittany is that #Santana isn’t just being stubborn when she says ‘Never’ in reply; #she’s telling a truth she learned for herself #She can never just let go of Brittany because her feelings for Brittany are too big and too vast #and too deep and too eternal for her to ever just let go of #Even when Santana was scared to death of loving Brittany and hated herself for doing it #she still couldn’t bring herself to live a life without Brittany in it #For her loving Brittany is a forever kind of thing #and especially now that Santana loves to love Brittany and feels so much peace from doing it #It’s true love because it will last forever

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AU: in which Brittany writes for the school newspaper.

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would you let me lead?
you can step on my feet
give it a try
it’ll be alright

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next tuesday she image

will be back  image

and then she


will be back in 5x20 


and theyimage

will be together in NY image

#fuck yeah

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We should talk about what happens when I mix fandoms. (Made just in time for Bramtana Week too.)

Made by the fabulous LuckyPressure.

The friendship that could have been
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#remember when we all died because they said hi to eachother#welcome to intense shipping

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